Champaign Lions Eye Glasses Donation Program

The Champaign Lions Clubs collects used eye glasses for the Lions International Program, which recycles glasses at 17 centers worldwide.

We have several collection sites in Champaign-Urbana, including the following:

1. The Windsor of Savoy, lobby, 401 Burwash Ave., Savoy, IL

2. WalMart of Savoy

3. Busey Bank, on Kirby in Champaign; on 2710 S. Philo Rd, Urbana, IL

Also, the Bi-annual Eyeglasses Collection Drive is co-sponsored by WDWS at 2301 S. Neil

PRESIDENT - Charlie Osborne
SECRETARY - Fonda Bowden
TELEPHONE: (630)-635-0058

Weekly Meetings on Wednesdays
at 12 noon

Mail: P.O. Box 175
Champaign, IL 61874-0175
Email: lionschampaign@gmail.com