Club Meetings at:
401 Burwash Avenue, Savoy, IL

Please make your donations to:
Champaign Lions Charities

Helping local residents with
hearing and vision impairment

Eye Glasses / Hearing Aids
Donate Eye Glasses
Champaign Lions Chatter
District 1-E Lions Illinois

Recent Speakers
Louis Kosiba, Executive Director of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Marne Fauser, Coordinator for the Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute
Debra Joy Hart, who leads laughter clubs around East Central Illinois
Kathie Spegal, Interim Coordinator, Illinois Radio Reader Service

SECRETARY - Fonda Bowden
TELEPHONE: (630) 635-0058

Weekly Meetings on Wednesdays
at 12 noon

Mail: P.O. Box 175
Champaign, IL 61874-0175
Email: lionschampaign@gmail.com